WEBSITE SOFTWARE for building and managing websites is the place to find information about website software used to create your own website and manage a website.

Those of you who would love to create your own website or get into the business of building websites will find information on what software and tools can can be used to design and run a website.

If you are looking for some straight to the point website software information without the technical jargon and terminology overload then the articles and information on this website will be of interest to you. We will explain and define terminology as we go to keep it simple for you. If you are starting your own website we will provide advice on building your website, acquiring the software you need to build a website and more.

The website software forum is a great place to communicate with other website design enthusiasts and website owners. Members include professional website designers, programmers and people who love to have a go at creating a website. Feel free to use the forums to post any of your website software related questions.

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