Affiliate programs are a good way for established businesses to increase their revenue by offering website owners commission for referring other people to their products and services. We will talk about affiliate program software and how it can help your business.

You already have a steady flow of customers purchasing your products and marketing campaigns that are bringing in on going sales so now is the time to open up new avenue in your marketing. Offering people who have advertising space on their own site the opportunity to make money by referring business to you can help deliver traffic to your site and generate sales.


Tracking the affiliate referrals from other websites can be done easily using affiliate tracking software. Most affiliate software will install on your web host and allow the affiliate to register for an account. They will place the links that you set up in the affiliate program software admin area on their site and you will pay them a commission on every sale made by a customer the have referred to you.

Most affiliate program software applications will assist you paying your affiliate by creating a detailed account for each affiliate containing their earnings and amount owed.

As the affiliate program manager you will need to design banners and other creative ads for your affiliates to place on their site. These ads are added to the administration section of your affiliate program software so the affiliates can easily add them to their site with their affiliate id included. When you have set up the ads once they do not usually need to be changed.

Your affiliates can log into a special affiliate area which will give them access to the HTML code they must place on their site and also access sales and click tracking information so they know how much they are earning from your affiliate program.

Affiliate program software can be a good way to increase your sales and with proper management an affiliate program can be a very good investment for any online business.


There are some industry leaders in the field of affiliate program software:.

- iDevDirect have been offering one of the most robust and powerful affiliate program solutions for many years called iDevAffiliate. The software will run on most web servers including shared hosting. The admin panel is easy to use and so is the affiliate members area. You can modify the design of the pages for your affiliate program. Several add-on features are available for separate purchase to enhance your affiliate program.

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