If you have been running a blog for some time and want to grow your business in other areas you may find it is time to change to another CMS such as Joomla which has many professional extensions and an extensive array of options for displaying content on your website.


Moving from WordPress to Joomla requires the migration of your articles, users, categories, tags and other data within your WordPress website. Moving this data can be done manually by adding the data to the correct tables in your new Joomla installation or you can use software designed to assist you with the migration process.

If you have not done a migration before, or you have done them and want to get the job done quickly then I recommend you try CMigrator to migrate your WordPress website to a Joomla website.

You will need to design your website layout again and have your WordPress theme modified into a Joomla template. You will need to move the HTML and CSS parts of your WordPress website into your Joomla template. You may want to consider having a new layout designed because migrating your website to a new CMS can be a good time to decide if you want to refresh your site navigation and appearance to reflect your business going into the future and allow for enhancements suited to the Joomla CMS. This can be done by most website developers but if you want to hire somebody to assist you then you can find website developers at freelancer.com.

 Things to do Before You Migrate for WordPress to Joomla

 -    Learn Joomla before you migrate. Install Joomla on your web hosting account in a folder and experiment with the CMS. Learn how to create menu items, articles, categories and manage users. Also, learn how the module system works so you can have a better understanding of how they are positioned on your website using module positions in your template. Also become familiar with the Joomla extensions you will be using to expand your website.

 -    Backup your database and files before you migrate or start to experiment so you can easily restore the changes. You can back up WordPress and Joomla sites for free using akeeba backup.

 -    If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it – If you are happy with your current website and there is no need to move to a new CMS then I suggest you stay with WordPress. Joomla is very different and learning to use this CMS will take some time.

While You Migrate toy our new joomla website

 -    Always work on development copies of your website. Do not migrate your live website. Migrate a copy of your website then copy that migrated version to your main website folder when it is working and tested. 

 -    When you have moved your migrated website to the main website folder you may need to change some settings to tell your website that it is now installed in a new folder on your server. Also, make sure all requests for images and internal links working correctly on your migrated website.

 Other useful Tips

 -    While setting up your new CMS site try and use relative links and not calling a direct URL when adding images and internal links. This can make the migration process go a lot smoother. For example, instead of “yourdomain.com/images/logo.png” you will use the URL “/images/logo.png” on your new Joomla website.

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