FTP Client Pro is a simple FTP client for the iPhone that makes the transfer and editing of files on any FTP server a breeze. If you have been looking for an FTP app to use on your iPhone when you are out and about then you will love what Less Is More Development have come up with.

FTP Client Pro

The interface of FTP Client Pro is very easy to use and the experienced webmaster should have no trouble using this app.

FTP Client Pro has a built in editor so you can edit HTML, PHP other text files on your web server then save the changes.

While I don't see this sort of app replacing desktop FTP software anytime soon I am pleasantly surprised how productive I was able to be using FTP Client Pro. I was able to modify website template files and CSS files and have the changes uploaded to my website when was on the move.

FTP Client Pro for iPhone is $1.99 in the app store making it good value for money.

Check it out: FTP Client Pro

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