Joomla CMS is one of the most popular tools for building and maintaining a website and we will talk about ways you can create a links directory using Joomla.

Joomla Link Directory Components

Creating a links directory is time consuming and requires a lot of research to get the correct niche for your directory but we will not cover that today because we want to dive right in and talk about the best ways to turn your Joomla site into a links directory or create a new link directory using Joomla CMS.

The components that are most popular for making a link directory with Joomla all have their advantages depending on what type of directory you wish to run and how you want to charge for listings if you will not be running a free directory.

One good cost effective solution is JV-LinkDirectory which allows you to set a a directory quickly and has many payment options included. JV-LinkDirectory is a good option if you want to make money by sponsored or fast tracked approvals. This is a very powerful solution and is a simple way to start your own links directory. jv-extensions

Another good option is SobiPro which can be used to make anything from a links directory to a business directory. SobiPro is more complicated than the previously mentioned component and you can only charge per field in your listings. I would recommend this for free directories and business directories that require custom fields because it is very flexible and powerful. Keep in mind that the payment options for submissions using SobiPro are not comprehensive.

There are a lot of options when using Joomla and the best ones can be found in JED which is the official Joomla extensions listing.


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