Website hosting is offered in many different ways and the right choice can be crucial to a successful online business. We will explain the different types of hosting and recommend some reliable web hosting services.

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Web Hosting and Servers Explained

When you hear about web hosting you will often here terms like shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers. What does all this mean to the humble webmaster? They are really not that complicated and I will explain them all now.

Shared hosting is when your website will be hosted on the same server or computer as many other websites that are hosted by that hosting company. The advantage of shared hosting accounts is they are usually the cheapest plans and some companies offer unlimited bandwidth and file storage for shared hosting accounts. Each website you create using a shared hosting account will usually be stored in different folder under your main website. A Shared hosting account is good for blogs and personal sites or small company sites that are not doing a lot of e-commerce from within the site. If you will be running and online store then you may want to consider a web hosting package that allows you to use SSL which is not usually supported by shared hosting accounts.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is when you can create multiple websites that each have their own domain and unique IP address. A reseller account usually allows you to sell web hosting to friends or family and you can even start your own hosting business reselling hosting packages to your own customers. A reseller hosting package is often restricted to the amount of websites that can be hosted per account and file space and bandwidth allocations are often restricted per account. Most reseller hosting companies will offer several packages and allow for the increase of domains, file space and bandwidth of the websites under your reseller hosting account.

Virtual Servers and Dedicated Servers

Virtual servers and dedicated servers give you much more control over the web hosting environment. Large e-commerce websites will often be hosted on a dedicated server. A dedicated server will allow you to configure the back end of the server setup to meet the exact needs of your website software. These are often the most expensive choice and require technical knowledge to manage the server. Some web hosting companies offer server management as an additional service but usually you are expected to know how to maintain and manage a web server remotely.

Where Should I Host My Website?

There are way too many web hosting companies to list here but here are some we have tried and can recommend. They offer a variety of services depending on your needs.

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